BR Style Totems
Custom made with your own choice of lettering
Our totems are made from quality materials suitable for use indoors and out. The graphic is computer cut using high grade vinyl sheet and mounted by hand to a board.

Shaped Totem style sign


Custom made with your own choice of lettering and region colour.

Choose the required size, region colour and text required. Your sign will be produced using the text exactly as you type it so please be sure to check accuracy and use the correct case.

You can have text in any or all of the 3 regions in the totem. Refer to the image opposite.

Our Aluminium composite signs are supplied in the style of the British Railways totem adopted in 1948 after nationalisation. This iconic design was used until rebranding in the 1960's. The signs are made by hand using durable materials and are suitable for use indoors and outdoors.